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Chalk’s 10 Year Anniversary Issue is on stands now!

August 2, 2010

Okay so I just blogged about our July issue being out and all of a sudden before I know it – it’s August. I guess time flies when you are sick :p In either case, August is a very special month for Chalk! We are celebrating our 10th year anniversary this year – and this month in particular. It’s celebrations all around as my other baby – Metro Weddings celebrates 10 years as well. What an amazing year 2010 is! So be sure to grab a copy of Chalk’s special anniversary issue featuring the gorgeous Kim Chiu on the cover!

Chalk August celebrates 10 amazing years!

There are great fashion editorials, beauty editorials, and fun stories inside including a very chic editorial on 10 Bright Young Things to watch out for that included adorable dogs (like our pug and chihuahua!) so don’t miss those. There’s also a great story about two lovely college gals – Lexi Gancayco and Honey Vano produced in collaboration with up-and-coming makeup artists Carla Avancena and Maui Manalo – my good friends and makeup tutors, and shot by up-and-coming photographer Chad Tyler Meadows at La Salle College International (Special thanks to my makeup guru: the beautiful RB Chanco! Love you!) It’s a great story about how their look has evolved in the past 10 years!

It’s a very exciting month for us and we hope you all enjoy the issue! To celebrate we finally shot a full editorial staff photo (this has not happened for over a year! Haha!) Celebrate 10 years with Chalk and we hope to see you at the anniversary party!

Photo by: Paul del Rosario

And I am back!

August 2, 2010

My apologies, I haven’t been posting blog entries in a while. I had the unfortunate luck of falling ill with food poisoning and gastroentritis and wound up in the hospital for five days! Not a pretty sight. And then, when I was released, my immune system was shot and I immediately caught the flu. Not a fun past couple of weeks. But I am finally on the mend. I still have a bit of a cough, but I am feeling much better and very very ready to blog once again! 🙂

So many exciting things have happened in the past couple of weeks. Great new products I’ve sampled, exciting editorials (and working on Chalk’s Big Beauty Issue! … More on that later!), and news on my makeup course at La Salle College International. I can’t believe how much has happened this July and I can’t wait to share the news!

For now, let me just say, I’ve been extremely busy, crazy sick, and very excited and I am officially back! Stay tuned for fun news, great new products, and awesome editorials to look forward to in Chalk! In the meantime, let me share my fab new lipstick find. I’ve always loved Nars. I think their blush is great (the Orgasm color in particular) and I love how the color stays throughout the day. I was on the hunt for a new very natural and pretty lip color to match my ultimate fave from MAC (Spirit) and happened across the Nars counter. I must have tried on over five different shades before I chanced upon “Cruising” lipstick. It was love at first swipe. The color glides on smoothly with just the right amount of moisture and it tinges my lips perfectly pink for a nice neutral, natural and beautiful shade.

Turns out this particular shade of lip color was launched with Nars’ Spring/Summer collection last June. I am so happy I came across it! Goes right up there with two other of my favorite lipsticks: MAC’s Spirit and Fresh Brew!

Nars Cruising Lipstick. This lip color glides on smoothly and has the perfect natural tinge!

Chalk’s UAAP Special is here!!!

June 27, 2010

Okay guys, one of our most exciting issues is now out on the stands! This July is the UAAP Chalk Special! Check out our amazing cover featuring UST’s Clark Bautista, FEU’s Jens Knuttel, and UE’s Paul Zamar!

And that’s not all! There are amazing stories inside as well including gorgeous athletic fashion, fun accessories, and the latest Fall beauty trends (more on that later!). Also, exciting features on all your favorite basketball players! Yup, Chalk’s July is definitely a must-read! Grab it on the stands now!

Lash Lovin’

June 27, 2010

I love lashes! Ever since I was young I was always enthralled by beautiful long lashes that fluttered against beautiful eyes. I think this might be because my lashes have always been so short (Boo!) and I’ve always envied how other women looked so glamorous and Old Hollywood with long thick and lustrous lashes. I’ve always thought that I would just have to live envying women who were blessed with gorgeous luscious lashes.

Lea Michele, Kim Kardashian, and Megan Fox are never seen without fabulous lashes!

These days though those days of envy are over! (Well, for the most part at least! Haha!) There are so many ways these days to add volume and thickness to your lashes whether it be through mascara, falsies, or lash serum. Now, when I want to add thickness to my lashes I just need to use the right tools. Granted, they only last for the day (or night) since I have this awful habit of rubbing my eyes but still… I get to feel like a princess for a few hours at least! Here are some of my favorite lash lush products!

The first is the perfect eyelash curler! The one in my makeup kit is by Shu Uemura which is my forever old reliable! Other really great ones include the eyelash curler by MAC Cosmetics, and the one by Fanny Serrano.

My personal favorite eyelash curler and one of the best in the market. Properly curled lashes can instantly look longer!

Of course curling your lashes perfectly is just step one if you want red carpet worthy lashes! The next is finding a perfect mascara. There are so many products in the market targeted at volumizing and plumping up lashes. Here are some of the best one in my opinion!

MAC Zoom Lash, Christian Dior mascara, Lancome Fatale, and Maybelline Magnum Volum Lash

Each product is targeted for different concerns (lengthen, curl, plump, etc) but the end result is gorgeous and beautiful lashes! The two products that I am using now are: MAC Opulash (which I love!!!). This mascara instantly plumps up lashes and coats each strand beautifully!

And for everyday I choose to use Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Cat Eye Mascara! I love how this instantly lengthens my lashes – including most especially the outer ones making a sort of “cat eye” look. This instantly opens up the eyes and makes me look wide awake even when I’m not! (Early mornings!) Not to mention, the hyper precision wand allows me to truly select to coat some lashes more than others to fully get a “cat-eye” look.

Whichever you choose – long lashes, plump lashes, or amazingly curled lashes – they are sure to change your look instantly! As they say, your eyes are the windows to your soul and perfectly beautiful lashes highlight your eyes beautifully!

Blemish Balm Cream! (My BB experience)

June 7, 2010

Blemish Balm Cream, or BB cream as it is now known, is a famous product sold popularly in Korea. And we all know Korean women are known all over the world for their beautiful flawless skin. So it makes sense that we would be curious to learn their beauty secrets.

Beautiful flawless skin is a trademark of Korean women.

BB cream started out as a therapeutic moisturizer in Germany used to treat the irritated skin of the patients who underwent peeling, laser, or microdermabrasion. From there, beauty specialists and dermatologists saw the positive effects it had on the skin and began producing it as a beauty product. The rest – is history!

There are several BB Cream brands and all products have slight differences in properties, ingredients, smell, texture and oil control, and yes, price. The latest BB cream to come out on the market is the Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Minerals 8-in-1 BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfecter. Part of their Clear Smooth line (which also includes the Aqua Gel Foundation that I love!), the BB Cream rivals the same creams of other brands and offers the same benefits but at a fraction of the cost!

Maybelline's Miracle BB Cream

Having come out just this year (earlier in the summer I believe), Maybelline’s BB Cream has been FLYING off the shelves! Literally! In certain stores they don’t even put it out anymore and you have to ask the Maybelline representative if there are still stocks available. This is because this product is so budget-friendly – at an amazing P249.00 and has so many benefits including:

• A beautiful natural glow
• Perfect coverage just like a foundation but without clogging pores or damaging the skin
• Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and marks
• Healing properties which soften, smoothen and refine skin
• Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin
• UV Protection for healthy skin SPF26/PA+++ which protects against the 2 kinds of UV rays
• Prevents makeup from caking and drying

So, the BIG question – does the BB cream work? I have been using it for almost a week now and I have to say I have noticed a difference. My makeup glides on and stays on smoother, it stays on flawlessly longer, and I really like the sheer coverage the BB cream provides. It’s been a week since I have been using Maybelline’s BB cream and I am liking it more and more! Everyone should definitely go out and try it!

Keeping up that smoky eye

June 6, 2010

Okay, so the smoky eye trend has just blazed its way into everything! For the past year (or longer) smoky eyes have been everywhere! On the runways, on celebrities, and on girls at the parties and clubs. Girls everywhere invested in gun metal eyeshadow, eye liners, and false lashes and stepped out in va-va-voom style.

Personally, I love the smoky eye look! I don’t think there is a makeup look that instantly glams up a girl’s face like the smoky eye effect. Whether it’s full blasted smokiness or a light deep colored day look, this eye makeup can automatically turn blah into ooh-la-la!

One of my personal favorite smoky eye makeup looks is Kim Kardashian’s ultra-glamorous smoky eye! This is undoubtedly the reality TV star’s signature look and she loves it so much she even invented a less formal version so she could rock her smoky eyes out even during the day. Here is the signature K. Kardashian smoky eye that is sizzling!

Nobody does smokey like Miss K

We love the smoky eye at Chalk as well. Here are some of my fave interpretations we did recently:

Chalk Dec-Jan 2010, Makeup: Owen Sarmiento, Photography: Pat Dy

Chalk June 2010, Makeup: Archie Tolentino of Maybelline, Photography: Dix

The smoky eye is fabulous! If you want to try – check out this online tutorial Kim Kardashian put up herself with her makeup artist Stephen Moleski:

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Blushing Beauty

May 30, 2010

A good blush can make or break a look. I’ve heard this said – and I think it’s totally true. While I believe that all makeup has to work together to complete a look the beauty of it is not necessarily the entirety as it is the sum of all its parts. The eyes, the mouth, and the cheeks. Blush, originally called rouge, was used as far back as Ancient Egypt and jars of it were actually found in the burial tombs of Egyptian queens as far back as 3000 BC. In many cultures the use of makeup was a sign of prominence and aristocracy while in other cultures flushed and pink rouged cheeks was a sign of fertility and youth.

Whatever the reason, blush has been a beauty staple for many years and will continue to be for years to come. I, personally, looooove blush. I can’t imagine not having it in my makeup bag. I can actually opt to not fully do my eyes and slide on a good blush with lipgloss instead. It is always my go-to product and I instantly feel a lift when I put it on. Here are some quick tips on applying the perfect blush!

First, of course, choose a blush that suits you and your skin tone. Fair toned girls are relatively lucky in this aspect as most shades go with their porcelain skin. Roughly you can use the rule of thumb that blush that looks natural is best so try to match your blush to your natural skin undertones. If you are fair, opt for light pinks. Medium skin tones should go for brownish pinks and golden tawny colors, for yellow skin a coral or copper shade will look fab, olive skinned girls can go for petal pinks and peachy apricots. They actually have a natural flushed glow so they don’t need much. And finally darker skin tones can choose oranges, deep auburn, and bronze.

Finding the right blush shade is step one in ensuring a beautiful natural look

Once you have found your shade (I personally like MAC’s Dame or Well Dressed shades. Divine!)

I really like the pigmentation of MAC blush

STEP ONE: It’s best to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. To find them, flash those pearly whites in a natural and gorgeous smile. Next apply your color generously (without overdoing it) with a wide blush brush. Twirl your brush on the product and then tap off the excess on the side.

STEP TWO: Blend blend blend. Swirl the product on apples of your cheeks and then blend thoroughly towards the hairline then down to soften the edges. Keep most of the product on the highest part of your cheekbone.

Photography: Toto Labrador, Makeup: RB Chanco, Hair: Jerry Javier

STEP THREE: Contour! You can add contour by using a darker shade underneath your cheekbones. You can also use bronzer for this if you like. This lets you highlight your cheekbones giving them a more angled, sculpted look. Use a contour brush to make this easier and then blend perfectly.

The perfect blush can make or break your look. Photography: Toto Labrador, Makeup: RB Chanco, Hair: Jerry Javier

Get more beauty tips and see more step-by-step Beauty Manuals in Chalk Magazine!